10 scuba diving Instagram accounts you should follow if you love the ocean

Discover 10 amazing instagram accounts that you should follow if you love scuba diving

10 scuba diving Instagram accounts you should follow if you love the ocean

We all know how Instagram is the top social network right now and that is because of the quality of pictures you can find when you go diving around the app. So… as we cannot go scuba diving right now, why don’t dive ourselves into the best scuba diving accounts you can find on Instagram?

Ready for some kickass scuba diving Instagram accounts? Let’s know them all!



Well, yeah, you should follow us because we share the best underwater pictures and videos from the underwater world in general and from Koh Lipe and the Tarutao National Park in particular! 😉


Amazing scuba diving pictures are share every day, you shouldn’t miss them for the world!


Padi always share amazing images that’ll make you dream about the ocean day and night!


Is scuba diving your life? If yes, this account is a must (well, all of them are really). They have amazing pics and share the same passion as us!


The magazine that is all scuba diving related also has a great Instagram account. Great shots are shared every day!


The community for girls that love scuba diving is huge and they share amazing pictures but also some great tips! If you are a girl that scuba, follow them now!


Because diving also has its own passport 🤣this account is one of our favourites! Just look at that turtle…. 😍


This account shares their love for the ocean and show us how the work to take care of it. And yes, they post incredible underwater pictures as well!


If you should choose only one account to follow, this should be it. Why? Because they not only have really beautiful pictures but they are also very compromised with working towards a healthier ocean. This is a PADI project and we love it!


Another account with the mission to preserve the oceans. This is a great community where you can learn more about the project and also see incredible shots!

So, what do you think about this 10 instagram accounts? Which one is your favorite?

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